Clinical Trials

To demonstrate how the integrated health data platform will benefit patients, clinicians, health system decision makers, and researchers, and how such a platform will facilitate the creation of a learning health system, three clinical trials are being conducted using integrated data from the MindSet platform.


TRACTION is a large multi-centre randomized controlled trial evaluating whether an inexpensive drug will reduce bleeding and the need for transfusion in patients undergoing major non-cardiac surgery. This trial will promote the sustainability of the blood supply and define surgical practice around the world.

Home First

Home First is using real-time integrated clinical data to track patients’ kidney function and evaluate the implementation of an expanded home dialysis program for those who eventually require dialysis. Compared to dialysis offered in specialized centers, home dialysis is associated with reductions in healthcare cost and improved clinical outcomes, without requiring patients in rural and remote locations throughout Manitoba to leave their communities.


CAPTAIN is evaluating how the integrated data platform can help efficiently navigate people with suspected cancer through the health system, reduce unnecessary hospital visits and testing, and improve the quality of life for patients with cancer.

All three trials are expected to yield:

  • improved clinical and patient outcomes,
  • improved quality of life, and
  • cost savings to the Manitoba health system.

Subsequent innovative clinical trials will demonstrate the ability of the MindSet platform to improve data access, and will evaluate health outcomes in other health domains including primary care and mental health, and in Indigenous populations in Manitoba.

MindSet will:

Support health care delivery

Improve access to data for providers and patients

Enable the creation of a learning health system

Permit province-wide collection of patient reported outcome measures

Conduct cost-efficient innovative clinical trails

Promote the sustainability of our health system

Reduce inequalities